Disappearance of ads rewarding Basic Attention Tokens

I am using a iMac with High Sierra. While surfing on YouTube, the Brave Browser got crash/freeze. So I had to force quit the browser and re-launch it. After that, I noticed there are no ads on the browser which used to reward us with BATs. I tried restarting my iMac, but nothing works. My BATs were 12.something, so I was unable to make any uphold account.
Should I try re-installing my browser? Will that results in permanent loss of those BATs? What can I do to fix this bug?

I’m Sorry Utkarsh, I can’t help you on this one. I know nothing about Mac’s. I actually Download the Browser on Android because there are hardly any Ads!
It’s Difficult on Android. People actually Pay to get RID of Ads, there’s so many of them it’s really frustrating!
I mean, like, read a little of the article you want to read, then Boom! Humongous Ad that at times you have to skip over the rest of the
Page to read just one article!
So now you know why you read in the Reviews so many times, TOO MANY ADS!

–Spring A. (AKA Heidi) Robinson.

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