Disabling of GDPR Manage Cookie Messages

I answered yes to a Brave message “would you like Brave to automatically prevent Manage cookie messages” and it works fine, in most case. However, for research purposes I create MHTML files of some sites using an addon but they often include the Cookie Message which on some sites covers the whole ‘screen / file’ so the MHTML file is useless. I would like to revert back to not allowing Brave to prevent the Manage cookie messages but I cannot see how to do it. Can some one please advice what I need to do to return to manual dismissal of the messages. Thank you

Assuming you are on Brave Desktop,

Go to brave://settings/shields/filters and then unselect ‘Easylist Cookie List’ from the list. It will be 9th from the top.

Brilliant thank you – I did not think of that…

Thanks again


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