Disabled F-Secure extension. Why!

F-Secure is my security. I have had no problems with it. Then I get a message from Brave telling me a F-Secure extension has been disable. That is my security when I am banking! What is going on? I found some mention on Bri

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I have F-Secure installed. Now Brave says it has disabled an extension. It is my F-Secure that protects me when I am banking. Why!? You also say that if I want to use it I should get them to upload it again. What? Actually I have wasted so much time on this that it would probably be a
better idea to uninstall Brave. What is happening!

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I am completely computer illiterate. Which is why I find the fact that Brave did it without asking or explaining. I have no idea what an extension is. Even F-secure did not kn ow what I was talking about. They had never heard of “Brave” I found that the security that pops up when I am banking so it wasn’t that extension, (is it an extension) that was remove. Why Brave couldn’t explain the situation and then ask if they could delete it, I don’t know. The email that happily told me what they had done, without my permission, and then said something like: "if you still want it you will have to go to the person who designed it, or something like that, and get them to upload it again.

So I am angry at the time I wasted trying to find out what the hell was happening. Makes “Brave” look dodgy in my eyes. I’m really angry at what has happened. It’s taken weeks for anyone to send a message commenting. That’s you.

They should not scrap people’s extensions, or anything else without asking and explaining. It is preposterous. That is why I would not advise people to use “Brave.”

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