Disable web cache / caching completely on Brave browser for Performance

Hi, I just registered here, nice browser project, thanks :wink:
I don’t know if this is the right ‘category’, but I didn’t find cache related threads… so instead of ‘Help’ or ‘how to’, I think this is a ‘Feature’, for Brave-laptop (legacy) & Brave Dev

As in title, I want to disable completely web caching / cache on Brave browser (both legacy-stable or Brave Dev)…

I know about ‘DevToolstemporary checkbox *(1) to disable cache for ‘current page’ but that is not what I am looking for, and ‘Incognito Modeitself causes less cache disk writings but it is not completely ‘silent’.

The objective is install ‘portableBrave in SSD or even RAMdisk (virtual environment) and get more performance, I usually use Mozilla Firefox or even headless-browsers but I like Brave too, so I think will be very useful for some Users and Developers, and to minimize disk writings too.

As I understand, this maybe *(1) is currently ‘limited’ by ‘Chromium / Chromeshared source code, but maybe there is a ‘compilation’ flag or source code config. to disable caching, so the browser would ignore ‘cache’ and would load all stuff on every request (bandwidth is not a problem in so many cases)…

This could be interesting, don’t you think?, feel free to post ideas and comments about it.

Best regards :smiley:

Most products don’t want to add checkboxes/options that break the product for most users.

You can easily disable caching in any browser, however. Quit Brave, remove the write-permissions of the cache directory, and start Brave again.

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