Disable ugly background images in new tab


Is there a way to disable the ugly background images when opening a new tab?

The themes are not helping either, I’ve tried and the New Tab Override extension is useless as well since it gives me a blank page, but I want a dark page.

I’m really specific about having only a fixed black theme and single background image as homepage.

The images are so boring and too bright, and too random - I’d rather be back using Chrome.

I don’t understand why it’s taking so long, you’ve been announcing it for more than a year now.

Please fix this garbage. Thanks.

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Just turn it off in dashboard settings

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At least try to explore the browser first before complaining.

Aside from the reply above for desktop, for mobile settings->new tab page

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before posting you should really look for an option in the browser… you’re lazy.


Pink bg? I guess you’re using a different browser then?

And if this “garbage” (according to you) doesnt suit your preference, then its time to change to another “garbage”, no?

no. it’s time for you to fix it, now! :slight_smile:

What’s the problem??

How do you get a black default background? Mine is pink by default if I turn off the background pics.

I didn’t do anything special … I assume it’s the default for the “Slate” theme I have enabled

I have changed my default for the Slate theme and it’s still pink, not black like you… driving me crazy!

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