Disable "To get future Brave updates, you'll need Windows-10 or later" message

What just happened to developers they cannot remove a simple warning?
I was a developer too and I was doing reverse engineering (I hope they know what it means) to create injections to change the way how applications work, but here people have got Source Code and even then having trouble with stopping a message to appear?
Sorry, but that kind of idiocy must be some sci-fi dream.

Yes, I was expecting, like with win 7, win 8.1 users would get a leeway of at least 2 years+ to switch over, but seems it is not the case. Well I haven’t received any update msg from Brave (using 8.1 right now)

Please write a good advice on turning off this inscription. Thanks in advance. :sunglasses:

It is completely unclear for what purpose you left this message? The question is not about what awaits us in the future, but only about how to DISABLE (remove, neutralize, etc.) this intrusive warning.

Started getting the notification today

Hi Guys,

I found this thread earlier, and I’ve been following it. But in the meantime, I found some Google Chrome people on Reddit having the same problem. And a user named Rhomboid has a solution that works great for both Google Chrome and Brave.



Applied the registry update and it worked! No more Windows-10 message with Brave. Thank You!

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thanks to this … jesus ive been getting annoyed and was ready to import my bookmarks to another browser XD

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Confirming that the registry add through command prompt (Run as Administrator) on Win 7 does the trick. Thanks pierredekat! Also shows how dependent Brave is on Google so that they inherit features that they won’t know how to disable until someone reverse engineers it based on tweaking Chrome. So sad.

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Worked well and I did not have to log on as administrator

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can someone write the reg file for brave browser and upload it to mediafire ?


this one is for chrome, expecting to get help for brave browser… thanks…

im hesitant to do this change as i dont want to lose any site data or bookmarks and i read it somewhere, in the future, you can use brave browser only if you have it on the system right now, the chrome team is working on updates to make “new installs of chrome” not to work on older versions of windows… so the thing here is, if you want brave to be installed as new, you wont be able to do it as the installer will throw an compatibility error… so guys dont install unnecessary softwares and cracked versions and get blue screen of death… if you wreck the system, you will lose access to brave permanently… yes chromium dependency makes me sad and depressed…please be careful…

Okay, I took “Boba MD’s” registry patch for Google Chrome and modified it for Brave. In keeping with Boba MD’s suck_it_google.reg sentiment, I called this new one suck_it_brave.reg

Backup your original registry, download suck_it_brave.reg , double-click it, click “Run”, click “Yes”, click “Yes”, click “OK”, and you should be done with the nag.


I firstly just gave a background on why it is happening, and users should know the disadvantages of using W7, 8.1. I wrote this first part for only those users in this thread which might not know the disadvantages.
Lets say in a hypothetical scenario, I do not provide such a disclaimer at all and some user’s brave browser get ‘hacked’ due to a JIT high level vulnerability (chromium had to patch 22 such vulnerability this year alone. Just yesterday a major chromium 0 day was repaired https://www.ghacks.net/2022/12/03/chrome-108-update-fixes-security-issue-that-is-exploited-in-the-wild/) or a memory corruption vulnerability and the device is completely taken over. Someone might blame me for not telling them about the disadvantages (in reality no one will actually blame me).

I know that 90% of users in this thread exactly know why the notification is there. Why happens with using outdated OS along with outdated browser, but still I wanted to giving a disclaimer for the rest of 10% users.

Later on, I did provide a link for a stack over flow thread which might be used to create changes which could be used to disabled such notifications.

I know that MS is ending their support of Win7 and 8. What are the changes made to the operating system that requires dropping support? Is this because Chrome is dropping the support aswell?

extra thought: would it be impossible to change the operating system flag in the source code to ignore earlier versions of windows without breaking internet browsing?

nice to know that you encourage the ecological destruction that comes with tossing good and functioning machines.

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@datarash As I answered in DM you sent, it’s because there’s a lot of moving parts. This isn’t just Brave, but is practically all web browsers. There’s a good article written by someone from Vivaldi on this. It might help you and others to read it. I’ll link it below, but first will quote one of the key things from it that applies here.

Browser challenges due to different OS versions

All the various OS versions cause challenges for browsers, too. All that nice functionality the OS is managing for the applications is accessed through various function calls, called SDKs and APIs. These tend to change, new ones added, and old ones removed in newer versions of the OS, which means that to support older OSes special code needs to be written to adapt to the changes, and all of these variations need to be tested, usually on relevant hardware, which as mentioned can be hard to find. These adaptations also tend to complicate the logic of the code, making maintenance and testing more difficult, and can introduce bugs that are difficult to find.

So, when an OS version reaches EOL it becomes a question of whether or not the browser should support that older version, and how long it should be supported. One factor can be the number of users on the older platform, and another is how difficult continued support will be to maintain.

if that’s the case then some nlite and yar har har are in order

unless you want to contribute to e-waste that is

even in the DM:

you still aren’t answering my question. i don’t want one of your canned responses; i want to know what changed in the code for windows that makes this browser incompatible with the internet.

@Mattches Do a favor and lock this topic. OP had marked solved a while back. A lot of this conversation occurring since then is looking to be unproductive.