Disable tip feature

How do I disable the tip feature. Never, ever will I use it. It just suddenly appeared today on my twitter feed, I never want to see it Facebook or other sites. If I want to send them money, I’ll make other arrangements. I absolutely hate this feature. Thanks

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Hi @river,

  1. Go into brave://rewards
  2. scroll down to the “Tips” section
  3. click on “Tip Settings”
  4. disable the platforms you don’t want
  5. restart browser


Thanks so much! Your help is keeping me a Brave user (I hate the tip feature so much that if I couldn’t remove it, I was going to stop using Brave – a huge loss as I absolutely love the browser and ad-inhibiting features).

You’re a godsend!



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But what about those of us that never enabled Rewards to begin with? I definitely didn’t and am now seeing the Tip icon in Twitter. I don’t want to have to enable it to disable that.

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