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your actions in this regard are illegal. textbook coercion.

You’re forcing the user to accept a EULA they don’t want.

Either make the tip button (which by the way breaks the browser, I think this is by design) be disabled on a fresh install of Brave or have the option to disable it be readily available.

Welcome to the community. Sorry, but I do not understand the issue. Could you please expand your objections?

My thoughts from just the information provided.

I think your tip button reference may actually be referencing both tips buttons and the auto-contribute option that is enabled by default when you opt in to Brave Rewards. Is this correct? In the current version (1.43.x) of Brave, you can disable/enable all separately. So, it appears they fixed the issue of having to enable Rewards to disable tips then disable Rewards again as was occurring in version 1.37.x. I really don’t know how it was working before, so, not exactly sure what issue is still present. That is what I am not understanding. I have no problems enabling/disabling Rewards, Auto-contribute, or Tips buttons. Can you please clarify?

Do not understand the coercion reference. The user can disable tips buttons (and auto-contribute). Even if they couldn’t disable tips (which they can), how is that coercion? The user would still have a choice to tip or not. I don’t understand how the user is being coerced.

Response to question in linked post (“How to disable tip buttons?”)

A user is not forced to accept EULA. It is a choice the user makes. They agree or don’t agree with the terms. If they do not like what is in the EULA, then they are free to choose a software provider with a EULA that is acceptable to them. Am I misunderstanding? Can you explain how the user is being forced?

I have tip buttons disabled and it does not “break the browser”. Exactly what problem are you experiencing when you disable the tips buttons? This may be an unknown issue that needs to be addressed. Please provide more detail.

Sorry for the wall of text. I just don’t understand the issue. I explained where my confusion was occurring and was probably too verbose about it! lol It would really help if you provided more information. Thank-you! :slightly_smiling_face:


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