Disable snapping the brave window to the front when a page loads

If I attempt to open a page, then go to a different application while that page is loading, when the page loads the brave browser will snap to the front and take control from the application I had changed to.

If, for example, I was in the middle of typing a password into a field in that other application, this feature can cause the newly loaded site in brave to receive keystrokes corresponding to the end of my password followed by the return key. This is not ok to me, even if I got lucky and no harm resulted. Alternatively, I might be about to press a button on that other application when brave snaps to the front and I accidentally click something on that newly loaded page.

When using brave with tor it can take a good while for a page to load, especially if you have a slow connection or a large page.

I would like an option to disable the brave browser from moving to the front and taking control when a page finishes loading. I don’t know if this behavior is caused by websites or the browser itself but I would like an option to disable it either way if possible.