Disable sheilds for sites i go to a lot

I brave people. I have a simple question. I want to disable sheilds for a site or sites that i trust and go to a lot. I find everytime i go to my trusted site i have to disable sheilds. for example i go to http://satview.bom.gov.au/ a lot to view the sat pic but to see it i have to dsable sheilds. I have to do this everyday. Is there a way to allow my sites of my choosing to have sheilds down everytime i go to them ?

Yes. Brave icon at URL bar is per site shield settings and it should persists.

Yeah i select brave sheilds for the site and turn off sheilds then all good. But when i go back to the site the sheilds are up again.

Happens on the same browsing session or after you restart Brave?

Absolutely, i always restart the browser (Brave)to test.

i should be able to to down the sheilds for any site of my choosing and when i restart brave, it should keep those settings. Are you saying that even if i restart the browser the sheilds should be down for the sites i down the sheild. So it stores those sites ?

Did you have “Site and shield settings” option enabled for "Clear on exit” under brave://settings/clearBrowserData ?

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Hey eljunoi - you are a champion, that worked. Your a great person for helping me. Thankyou so much. May Covid never cross your path :slight_smile:

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