Disable Private Browsing?

Please tell me how to disable private browsing. Parental controls are important. I would prefer my kids use brave instead of other browsers, because of the tracker blocking, but the open web is dangerous. At this point the only option is to uninstall brave and use browsers that allow me to disable private/incognito windows/tabs.

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Disable Private Browsing

Here is a Step-By-Step video on how to do it on Windows. Hope it helps. =)



I suppose this covers Tor browsing as well?

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I think you can remove 2/4, so that only new tab and new window remain.

Private window and tor should be disabled that way.

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I made those changes at regedit and I can still find the private browsing
should I restart the pc?

You should try it I guess

Always reboot after registry changes.

Adding/settings DWORD value IncognitoModeAvailability = 1 under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\BraveSoftware\Brave is enough to disable Private Tabs in Brave Browser (the app should be restarted, no PC reboot is needed).
Tor functionality can be disabled separately with DWORD value TorDisabled as 1 under the same key (it may be automagically disabled when you turn off private tabs).

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