Disable notification on number of trackers/ads blocked

I don’t need to be reminded how many trackers/ads are blocked by Brave with every single website that I visit.

I get the notification every time I close Brave, reopen it, and visit a website.

This wasn’t a thing until the recent update and I don’t see any option to disable this pointless popup.

**Brave Version: Version 1.23.1 (

iPhone 6s, iOS 12.4.1

Additional Information:

Apologies but can you share a screenshot of the “pop-up” you’re referring to? The only notification on how many ads/trackers are blocked in the browser should be on the Shields panel icon or in the Shields panel itself. However, nether of these are “pop-ups”:


And you see this pop-up very time you visit a site? That certainly should not be the case, if so.

To clarify, I see this popup the first time I visit a site after closing/reopening Brave.

E.g. suppose I visited abc.com in Brave on 1 Jan 2021 - I got the popup, I dismissed it. I closed Brave. I reopened it, visited abc.com again on 2 Jan 2021 – I got the popup again.

I regularly close and reopen Brave as I don’t keep it running when I’m not using it. So I see the popup more often than I should in theory.

Yeah that certainly should not be happening. I’m going to ask for a second set of eyes on this issue. Are you by chance clearing any browsing data regularly?

Nope, I don’t touch it much. Appreciate your help.

Still looking into this – am I correct in thinking that this behavior holds true for every site? That is, performing the steps you used for abc.com

on other sites produces the same results?

Not every site actually. A lot of the sites I visit, but not every single one. Maybe 5-7/10.

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