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Compared to some, it’s likely I’ve only been using Brave for a short while (about 3-5 months at a guess.) I’ve recently picked up a new laptop, immediately installed Ubuntu, and then immediately installed Brave. To my surprise, things were very different to my experience with Brave previously, because I had been unaware of the new Chromium-based Brave browser.

One of my favourite features of Brave (before the Chromium revamp) was the ability to disable the recording of all history and user data. I liked the fact that each time I launched Brave, LastPass would require me to log in from scratch, and there would be no browser history to speak of from the last session. So far, I’m unable to find a way to do this, and doubt there is a way given this was one of the main reasons I abandoned Chrome as my default browser.

To be honest, since the upgrade, it seems like Brave has moved from a default “shields up, nothing recorded” to “Chromium with ad blockers”. I hope that’s not really the case, but so far it has felt like it.

Am I alone in feeling less private with the new Brave than I did with the old?

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Hi @siege
Thanks for reaching out and for using Brave.

Yes, as you may aware of, the new Brave (brave-core) is already available for new users. This new version is still in the works, mean it have missing features.

Actually, this one is a bug. “Clearing browser data on exit” setting from previous Brave (muon) should not clear extension cookies too. :sweat_smile: https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/13098

Clear browser data on exit logged here for brave-core https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/492

Hope that make it clear for you.

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