Disable "Flash Player Will Expire" warning?

Yes I get it! It’s going to expire at some point in the future! (yeah like I’ve heard that one before) But do I really need to see this message EVERY TIME I LAUNCH MY BROWSER?

Technically you should be telling publishers this, not consumers.


so they are aware of the risk and it’s dangers. So they don’t heavily depend on such services. Every publisher must have known about this change.

OK, So we are aware that 14 Months from now it will go away. How do I acknowledge that I Know that. It’s quite Irritating to see every single time I open the browser.

The repeated alert warning of Flash’s expiration has started to wear on me. Should anyone know how to disable this increasingly annoying message, please post instructions. My jaw muscles hurt and my rear molars are nearly ground down flat. I really don’t need to be reminded of this 30 times a day.

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