Disable Event, Reminder, Calendar tapping time interval

It seems like after one of the updates a feature was added when tapping a time it now shows “Create Event, Create Reminder, Show in Calendar, Copy Event” The problem now is when using site TradingView and wanting to change chart time it automatically shows up every time and is annoying to deal with. Is there anyway to disable this feature?

Taking a look at this now. Can you tell me what Brave version and iOS version you’re currently using?

iOS 14.6
Version 1.29 (

Can you re-confirm that this happens when you tap a time/date and not when you long-press one?

Quick tap. Only does it for hours

Apologies for the late reply – can you clarify what Only does it for hours means exactly here?

When changing the chart time frame. If I tap 15m (15 minute) it doesn’t show up. If I tap 1h, 4h (1 hour, 4 hour) it shows up. It only shows up on hour selection

Oh okay I see – my bad. Looking into this thank you for your patience.

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