Disable Ctrl+Q?


I have accidentally lost my progress several times due to accidentally pressing Ctrl+Q instead of Ctrl+W. I believe in Chrome, there is a setting to either disable Ctrl+Q or at least give a warning before closing. Is there any such feature for Brave? It is monumentally frustrating to lose 20 minutes of writing because you meant to close one tab but accidentally closed the entire browser.

Please Change the Ctrl+Q hotkey

Thanks for your feedback @Cillendor! And I’m sorry to hear that. I know it’s not good experience.

At the moment, there’s no way to modify the shortcut (to disable/change it). The request is logged in the link below


This request is logged here



THIS! I love the browser and all it stands for, but I have accidentally closed it way too many times, either by closing a tab, or by select all, and it drives me nuts! Could you PLEASE put in a disable option?


It’ll be under consideration though we won’t need that if data can be restored after restarting


Would this include data that we’ve typed in a field but not saved? I’ve lost several long bodies of text because the website where I was writing it didn’t save the draft as I was writing, and while looking up a reference, I accidentally closed the website.


It’s not just the loss of data, its the having to wait for the browser and all the tabs to reload again. Granted, that sounds petty, but when you accidentally quit the whole thing as often as I do, it tends to drive one a little insane. I’m sorry, but if you can’t disable it entirely, or have it bring up a confirm dialogue, this issue is fast becoming a deal-breaker for me. :frowning:


And for some reason, this latest accidental quit signed me out of every account I had logged in. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and who knows what else. And before you say it, no, none of those “clear history” options are selected in my settings. :angry:


you mean that “all” tabs, not only pinned ones but also the rest (ie unpinned ones) are loaded at the same time?


I didn’t actually know pinned tabs were a thing until now, so I’ve not used that. They don’t all load at the same time, you have to go into each one individually to reload, which just makes the whole accidental-quit-and-reload process all the more tedious.


so you mean you want the browser to reload all tabs automatically?


That isn’t the issue I’m reporting here. It’s not about how the tabs reload, it’s that they have to reload at all - it wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t so easy to accidentally close the browser in the first place!


OK, please see:

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