Disable Brave Telemetry Data

Brave for iOS has no way to disable data collection or prevent outbound network requests. I’ve disabled my Brave Rewards, so I would not expect network requests for these domains, listed below, and in the screenshot.


I’m not sure what laptop-updates.brave.com is used for, but I went ahead and blocked all of these domains with my DNS firewall.

Firefox has an option to send usage data, and I’d like Brave to also give us that choice, rather than always firing these requests.


Regarding that endpoint, we have some info in our wiki.

We do allow user’s to turn of sending analytic data, but the endpoints you show used for other purposes. When Brave Ads are turned off, the ads data is no longer pulled from the server, but there are some Brave Rewards endpoints that need to trigger to properly enable or disable Brave Rewards on a device.

The ads-serve.brave.com is the bucket where we store our adblock files. If you disable these, you will no longer get new adblock rules, and will find more ads being missed by our adblocker.