Disable automatic updates

  1. Brave’s updates are some what big and frequent, as a dev’s version it’s understandable.

  2. I’m from south asia, with internet charges & data limits I normally update my software using night time data.

  3. Even in chrome I does the same by misspelling “update” folder from the Google folder.

  4. I quite like to use brave but this is the reason I uninstalled it few times. Please give us that option, . Thanks :slight_smile:

Possibility to suppress Updates

we are working on update throttling option to avoid users from paying extra money to your Internet provider.

The team has decided not to let users to stop auto update, but we are working on other alternatives:


For example:

  • As a user, I’d like to be annoyed less often when there are updates.
  • As a user, I don’t want updates downloading when I’m on certain connection types.
  • As a user, I don’t want to update during these hours of the day because my internet provider charges more. (I don’t know if that’s actually a thing for some places in the world, but just providing examples).

I think you prefer the last option, right?

Feedback: Let users choose when/how to update Brave
Possibility to suppress Updates

right, :slight_smile: giving users to set auto updating time period will be handy.

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