Disable auto-close or change it to 3 months

I’ve done quite a few feedbacks and suggestions on this forum and I can say auto-closing threads 30 days since the last post are not enough. I’m a busy person, so I sometimes post a problem and forget about it, but that doesn’t mean that the problem is solved. Often a few people share the same problem, they reply, but once they did they will not reply again. This results in auto-close and causes a lot frustration, because I have to re-open it by copying all stuff over, but then all the replies are lost.

I remember a problem with window’ed apps in brave (window’ed bookmarks) that had 3 or 4 threads on this forum, because it was rare (not many use the feature) and thus it always auto-closed. After such a while it was picked up by team, but it was a frustrating experience. From all my requests over the half I had to do at least twice to get some attention.

Could you please increase the auto-close time to 3 months or turn it off altogether? It’s very disrespectful towards the people that report issues, because the team often seem to take more than 30 days to look into an issue, which is not really my problem as long as it does not get forgotten.

Thank you.

The irony would be if I forget to reply and this gets auto-closed, wouldn’t it be?

I’m not sure if there is a risk of auto-close, so I just reply here to be safe.