Dis/connecting Bluetooth device (keyboard) causes browser to reload pages

Issue: Dis/connecting a Bluetooth device (in this case, keyboard) when Brave is active and in focus causes the browser to reload all of its open tabs. Searched the forum and found similar issues, none of which have a solution.

Device: Galaxy Tab S7+

I tried the same actions using Samsung Text Editor (Galaxy Store) and it does not reload itself when BT device is dis/connected (as would be expected).

Can this be fixed, or is there a way to fix this, in Brave?

Bluetooth is a system level driver, unrelated to any web browser. Maybe unpair and re-pair the keyboard, and ensure its full charged also.

Unfortunately un/re-pair doesn’t work. I understand that BT is system-level, but seems some apps behave as expected (e.g., Samsung Text Editor shows virtual keyboard when BT keyboard disconnects and hides virtual one when BT one connects).

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