Direct Import of Firefox Bookmark Toolbar to Brave Browser Bookmarks Toolbar

I am trying hard to give Brave the best opportunity possible to replace FFox, but I cannot do that until I can directly import my FFox bookmarks toolbar onto Brave Browser. I do not want a folder with my FFox bookmarks, I want a cloned FFox so that I do not have to search for bookmarks busied somewhere in a folder. Nor do I want to manually one-at-a-time-drag-bookmark-set bookmark-reopenfolder-drag-bookmark…etc ad infinitum.

When I “Import Bookmarks”, I want the option to overwrite any existing bookmarks I have in Brave and duplicate exactly the structure I have in Firefox. I DO NOT want to have to rebuild my bookmark structure, especially the bookmarks toolbar.

How soon will we make this happen?
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Sorry, but the exact functionality you’re describing is not present in Brave (nor is it in many other browsers). However, when I go to import my bookmarks from Firefox, here’s what I see:
FF bookmarks toolbar:

Then, my Brave toolbar after import:

Structure and order seem to have been preserved. Do you not see this same thing?

I see it on yours, but that does not happen with mine, I’m running the current versions of both on win10 x 64. Have you tried that same import from fox with 20-30 bookmarks on the ffox bookmark toolbar?

Yes, as well as with many more than that. Can you tell me what happens when you try in more detail?

The import puts all my bookmarks into a folder and in proper order on the Brave toolbar.

So it did function as intended and give you the desired results?

No, I want bookmark toolbar from ffox duplicated in brave through the import feature. It’s important.

So it puts the bookmarks on the bookmarks bar in Brave, but they’re placed inside a folder instead of being individual bookmarks on the bar, is that correct? Can you share a screenshot of this?

Image attached. The “Imported” folder is the folder containing my toolbar bookmarks from ffox. The bookmarks to the right of the Imported folder are a few I manually added to Brave.


That is…very weird. While I look into that, I do have a workaround for you. If the bookmarks in the Imported folder are in the proper order already:

  1. Go to Menu --> Settings --> Bookmarks
  2. Click on the Imported folder – in my example here, I’ve simply created A FOLDER with my bookmarks in it, in order:
  3. Click to view the contents of the Imported folder, then select all of your bookmarks (the easiest way that I can think of is to click the top bookmark, scroll to the bottom, then hold shift and click the bottom bookmark, which selects everything in between).
  4. Click and drag them outside of the folder and into the general Bookmarks folder:

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Well, that worked perfectly, is easy enough and solved the problem. Now if we can just get automatic synchronization between the two browser bookmark toolbars… :slight_smile:

Thank you!


You’re very welcome – sorry for the complications!

Update. Good info. I deleted the bookmarks from Brave, all of them. Clean slate. Blank bookmark toolbar, then imported from firefox and Brave perfectly imported them and placed them properly into the bookmark toolbar. I think the source of the problem I had importing the bookmarks was that I had bookmarks already in the toolbar, so Brave put all imported bookmarks into a folder ON the toolbar. Pretty smart default for times then a toolbar has pre-existing bookmarks.

So, deleting any existing bookmarks will allow for full and correct automated placement of imported bookmarks into the bookmark toolbar. Thanks for your help.

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You’re very welcome – glad you got the whole thing sorted out. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

Quite a lengthy discussion on Brave TOR failures in community.brave . I just tried it today and sure enough, broke. Both my antivirus progs blocked it and closing them did not help.

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