Direct apk download link?



Description of the issue:

No official channel to obtain the apk package if the device has no PlayStore or AmazonStore

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Buy a phone/cheap tablet/gps etc, that doesn’t have playstore and you don’t want to root it.
  2. Try get a opera package right from their official page

[ ![Get it on Google Play.|197x62] https// ](https:/~~/
Don’t have Google Play? [Download the app here] https//

or try a firefox package right from their official page

Download Firefox for Android

[![Mobile-beta.png|166x166] https//](hppts:/~~/

Firefox for Android is now available. Please check the [system requirements] https// below to see if your device is compatible.

  • [Install Firefox from the Google Play Store] https//
  • or go to **[] https// ** in your phone’s web browser.

(Or if you have a compatible device without Android Market access, download the Firefox APK file [directly from our download server] https// . You will need to keep Firefox up to date yourself if you do not install it through the Market.

  1. And you gotta wonder if Brave has offer any such convenience for their user ?

  2. Additionally the same is true for installers released in the past, Chromium/FF/Opera all have release archive, open to their users/devs, so that they can easily test arbitrary versions in the past to pinpoint issues: what works what doesn’t work since when. Without them it will be difficult to obtain.

Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
Need help, can’t find any.

Expected result:
Direct apk link.
Link to Binary Release archive for all platforms, for user testing.

Additional Information:


Hi @braverman,

You can get the apk from GitHub. Here’s the link



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