Diplay Error in the Verify Wallet box on the BAT triangle panel

Description of the issue:
When tapping on BAT triangle and Verify Wallet, a box opens up providing relevant information. But tapping over Verify Wallet on the same box, opens another box over previous box which does not show link to Continue to login. @Mattches

Tapping on the same area of Verify Wallet keeps on opening new boxes which can be verified as the border of the box thickens with subsequent taps.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Tap BAT triangle
  2. Tap Verify Wallet
  3. Tap same area of Verify Wallet again

Expected result:
No additional box with missing link to login. Also taping on any area outside the box (within the BAT triangle Panel) should remove the box and show panel of BAT triangle, which does not happen.

Since Rewards UI on Android are being rewritten (can be checked on Github), the ‘Verify Wallet’ box should not hide the detailed information (yet to arrive) on the BAT triangle panel.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

This issue is present in the latest Beta Version also.

Mobile Device details
Realme X7 Max, Android 11

Additional Information:
See this video for more information-

Also notice, Continue to login link, behind the box, opens when dragged in a specific manner (straight with no turns) only (which I think is good, if I don’t want to open after tapping it accidently).

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