Diigo bookmarklet doesn't work

Description of the issue:
The bookmarklet on the right on that website. I place that on the bookmarks bar in Brave. Then try using it. It appears to works…but it only brings up the “login” bar. After I log in, it fails to go detect the login, and so doesn’t save anything to diigo. On other browsers (Opera, Chrome, Firefox), as well as the 0.25 version of Brave, it works fine.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.

  1. Get or have a diigo account
  2. Install the diigo bookmarklet into the bookmarks bar in the latest Brave version (0.65)
  3. Click the bookmarklet while on some on some website, such as a news page at cbc.ca

Thanks for reaching out to us.
If you authenticate into the diigo website first, you should not have to login again in order to use the bookmarklet. I’m able to add the bookmbarklet and use diigo functions as intended on my end without issue using the latest Brave release:

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