Differents amounts in my devices

I have started using brave a few days ago and I have I doubt. Ihave sync three devices and everithing works fine except the rewards. Every device has a different amount. Is that normal Do the work separatedly or they shoud be the same?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Yes, each device has its own wallet id and the balances will be different. The only way to consolidate the amounts on each device is to verify your Rewards wallet with a custodial provider. Then, your Rewards balances on each device will be transferred to your custodial account provider each month.

Thank you for your answer. I have tried to find some information about custodial providers but I couldn´t. What are the implications of trasferred my BATs to a custodial provider? Could I claim them when I want to Uphold? Do I have to pay BATs? Thanks again!

You are welcome. :smiley:

Below is a link to all the Rewards articles in the Brave Help Center. I think they will help answer most of the questions you have. If you need more information about something, just post and hopefully I (or another community member) can help.


For me, there is only a plus side. You can potentially lose the BAT in your Rewards wallet if your system crashes or something else unexpected happens. By connecting to a custodial account, BAT are transferred there. You will not lose them if something unexpected happens to your device or your software.

BAT still in Brave Rewards are paid out to your custodial account once a month on the 7th of the month. That is if everything goes as expected. Recently, there have been glitches in the payout process which has delayed some or all payouts.

It is free to open a custodial account. One of the Help Center articles (can’t remember which one, it may even be in the Ads section and not the Rewards) explains how “pooled” BAT from Ads is distributed. I just can’t remember how it all works, you will have to look it up! Sorry.

Thank you very much again for all the information!

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