Different Devices Unsupported Region

I can connect my uphold account with my computer, but I cannot connect my phone and tablet. It says “Unsupported region”. How is this possible? All of the devices are in the same country.

Are your devices set with the same region? Are they using the same language pack?
Each OS has a different way of identifying the region. Some have a specific region setting, while others rely on the language.

Ensure that all your devices have been set with the region and language of the country your are trying to connect.

For instance, if a user is in India must use the language pack en-IN, cannot use en-GB or en-US.

Recently connected or you’re just seeing it Verified/Connected from when you did so in the past?

Keep in mind that the unsupported region is referencing that they have stopped allowing Users to connect to Uphold or Gemini in those regions. It doesn’t disconnect people if they were already linked to Gemini or Uphold. Therefore, your computer would be linked if you did it before Brave stopped supporting the country but your other devices wouldn’t be able to connect because you tried to do it after. Also, it means when your computer does get disconnected, it won’t be able to connect again. (Disconnects every 90-120 days on average)

I have been using brave for more than two years now… And now am getting this message that my region is not supported Nigeria…All this while there’s was no problem connecting my uphold. What is the issue?

Hi @Sam6565

This change was recently implemented and pertains to connecting a custodial provider to Brave Rewards. You are still eligible for Brave Rewards and claim rewards locally in the browser if your Rewards Wallet is in an unverified state.

Included below is a link to our article about verifying Brave Rewards with a custodial account provider.

So when can my region connect the brave browser to uphold? Because my uphold account as already been verified…

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