Different devices/Different Rewards

I have Brave on two laptops and use them exactly the same with the same amount of ads allowed per hour - 5. However, the BAT are totally different in value. Why?

For example, on one laptop I have 157 ads for the month and the other has 73…



Normal because it’s not synced. Each wallet have it’s own calculation, locally.

@eljuno I understand it’s not synced, but when you use them at nearly the same intervals and on-screen times it should be at close with maybe not exact, but close. Like, if one has 157 ads the other should have over a 100 at least not 73…

In short, not really.

And that mean each installation (will) have its own ads profiile too. And Brave Ads is works following that profile for matching with the catalog. And other factors. Even though it’s opened on the same time, it doesn’t mean it’ll have a same profile.

If locally, on the device, how often do you update them once on the server?

What are these “other factors” because I get way more ads on my work laptop than my personal one and I use the personal one a lot more.

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