Different content served to Brave versus other browsers



I’m testing Brave since yesterday.

Today I had a really interesting experience. Brave showed a different page compared to Firefox, Cliqz and Chrome. This was repeatable.

See image uploaded. Brave at top and others at bottom.

I fired up a debugging proxy and had a look at what was coming in from Register.co.uk.

  1. Brave gets: a 38809 character page with “href=”/css_picker/webkit/97bfb8a36e5ebb8ae889b36e2ea716f6b5b64f9d/mobile.css">"
  2. Other browsers get: a 78666 character page with “href=”/css_picker/moz/97bfb8a36e5ebb8ae889b36e2ea716f6b5b64f9d/design.css">"

So the reason is pretty clear. El Reg thinks that Brave is a mobile browser.

I leave it up to the Brave team to sort that out.

I’m using:

Brave: 0.22.727
V8: 6.6.346.32
rev: 2c94bbad00d70b87328f04574725979960e18f9f
Muon: 6.0.12
OS Release: 10.0.17134
Update Channel: Release
OS Architecture: x64
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
Node.js: 7.9.0
Brave Sync: v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent: 66.0.3359.170

On Win 10 Pro, 1803 / 17134.48, 64 bit.


Just wanted to chime in. I cannot reproduce this on MacOS with 0.22.727 (i.e., I correctly receive the desktop version of the website):

Can you verify that your Brave window is the same size as when you try on Chrome upon loading the website (perhaps they load the mobile page based on landing viewport size, etc.)? Also, does disabling the Brave shields for the site (click the lion icon in the top right and disable your shields) and refreshing the page fetch you the desktop version?



That’s excellent chriscat. The more the development team knows the easier it should be for them.


Hello :raising_hand_woman:

Apologies for interrupting; I wanted to bring something up that’s somewhat related and maybe could add to the conversation, as you both I’m sure could help teach me a thing or two. Forgive my naitevé, I’m new to front end dev- and the Brave forums. Would anyone mind if I asked a question regarding cross browser content, user agent differences, and AB testing? It actually has nothing to do with Brave in itself. Or, perhaps someone could point me in the direction thats more appropriate?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Mozilla partnered with Cliqz to launch an experiment integrating Cliqz with Firefox, or something, to 0.1% of the German users. There’s a page about it. The problem is that this integration requires gathering user data, and Mozilla enabled it by default.

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