Different Brave Shield options on multiple devices

I have 4 PCs/Notebooks where I use Brave. On my newest device Brave Shields has an option for HTTPS which I don’t have on my 3 other devices. All are on the newest version of Brave.How can I fix this to have the same options on all my devices? Settings are equal on all devices.

@anoraknophobia can you advise specifically which version of Brave is on all? (Part of why I’m asking is some been saying they are using the newest but they are a patch or version behind). Also which OS are on all of them? Are all PC/Notebook using Windows? And if so, are they all Windows 11 or what are they?


I’m assuming one of those is using Nightly and the other is running Release.

For example:

Brave Version 1.51.114 (Release Version)

Brave Version 1.53.33 (Nightly Version)

All devices are using this version. No Beta/Nightly.
Windows 10 has the HTTPS dropdown and Windows 11 has the HTTPS switch from the 2 devices I have currently with me.

Any idea why the same Brave version behaves different? :frowning:

No clue. Just going to ask @Mattches if he knows

Hi! This feature is in the process of being rolled out in Desktop and Android. It is currently at 100% in Nightly and Beta and at 15% of clients in Release.


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