Difference between root profile folder and "Default" (user specific folders)


I am sharing brave profile between Windows 10 and Ubuntu linux.

There are basically two levels of brave data folder: the “root” folder (“User Data” on windows) and the subfolder of the root, the “Default” folder.

What do you recommend to share? Whole root folder or only “default” folder?

I tried both options and did not see any difference, except that the extensions had to be “repaired” on the other OS - but only once.

Thanks for support.

Additionally, is there any way to keep cookies between different OSes? All logins and sessions that I opened in Windows are lost when opening profile in Linux and vice versa.

Is there anything I can do about it?

It’s worth noting that we’re hard at work on Sync V2, which will allow you to Sync just about all of your browsing data between devices.

If you want everything to be exactly the same between devices, I would recommend saving the root User data folder.

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