Difference between my rewards and Uphold account

I use Brave as my default navigator for somme month at my work and at home.
For some reason that i don’t understant my ammount of reward is not the same on the two once but i have restore with the little txt files but nothing change and know i have verified and creat my huphold account and at my surprise my ammount is not the same as my reward 101.75 bat (~25.65 USD) and my uphold account 57.25 BAT (14,57 USD)

best regards

Hi @Romzig, Welcome to Community!
Have you tried disconnect / reconnecting to Uphold?
Also can you try changing the currency in Uphold to USD?

Hi ! thx !
Yes i’ve done it but without sucess
Done !

Did you have an idea @Aa-ron ?

@Romzig, please see your DMs.

@Aa-ron done
thx for your help

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