Didn't Use Promo Code During Setup for Brave Nightly VPN

Hello. I got the invite to try the beta VPN using Brave Nightly. I don’t know if the option to put in the promo code wasn’t there or if I overlooked and forgot about it, but I didn’t put one in. The promo code was to make sure we aren’t charged, correct? Because I tried to go back in and manage the subscription but it’s already marked as canceled and finishing in 1 month. That is what the instructions in the email said anyway…that we wouldn’t be charged when the month is finished. Now I’m wondering if I should uninstall it to try to do it again, the right way, or if everything is all good anyways since it seems like it is. I did go to uninstall it and there was a message about any memberships will still be active even if I uninstall, so I didn’t go through with it.

Also, I don’t want to set up a verified wallet since this installation is only temporary and we only get so many chances to set up a verified wallet with the three providers. I’m wondering if I can claim any BAT earned and transfer them to a verified wallet when this is over. If so, is there huge gas fees that would make it pointless to do so? Thanks.