Didn't recieve payout for March yet

Hi there i didn’t receive my march month payout for POCO F1, but receive for windows.

Please check

Check this out.

Okay you tagged me to thread that is months old, please is there any time we are getting payment for april month.

The post above with the link is only 8 days old, not months. If you have not received your rewards, you need to fill out a ticket at this point.

How to fill a ticket better bro i don’t see any form or page here.

Make sure to fill in all the appropriate info that is asked for on the form.

That i have already created bro, could u guide if there is something which i missed to mention.

I looked through your activity and don’t see where you posted a new topic with all the requested information. If you don’t do that, you may not get the help you need.

Sir, isn’t that the same topic we are replying

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