Didn't recieve my BAT on payment date, 4th month in a row

Hi there, I’v been using brave for quite some time now, and about 4-5 months ago, I activated brave rewards, the ad frequency isn’t that big, usually i get 3-7-10 ads per month, on the first month I received 0.1 bat and it was added to my Brave walled on payment date, but ever since then, all the BAT i collected didn’t get transferred to my wallet on payment date, and after a while they just went missing, for the 5th January payment date I had 0.20 bat pending, and it didn’t get transferred to my walled, now it says next payment date is 5th february, and that I have 0.25 BAT pending … why is this happening?

I have to note that I have registered with Uphold, and tried to verify my wallet, but Uphold will not verify my ID as it is in cyrilic font, and according to them, my ID is not recognizable for their system, they are asking me for my international passport or my international drivers licence, which I simply do not have …

so to further show you what I mean … here is a screenshot

on the right side it says I got 0.1 BAT, that’s what I received on the first month … left side says I got 0.25 BAT pending, it was at 0.20 BAT till 5th January, and it was never transferred … I won’t go in to the fact that I have 3 more months of missing BAT that never got transferred to my wallet and just went missing out of the bloom … is there some minimum requirement for the amount of BAT that I need to gather to actually get it transferred to my wallet?

on the Uphold topic, will there be a different wallet service that users can use because Uphold nationalists won’t recognize a valid chipped international personal ID just because the font on it is in cyrillic. I have contacted them several times, sending them the data which is in latin when you scan the ID on a ID scanner, and they refused to verify my ID as they claim their verification system is automatic and can’t be bypassed or modified, so for me to verify my identity with uphold I need to either go to a drivers school and pass the drivers test to get a drivers licence (which I can’t afford) or I need to make a passport (which in reality I don’t need atm, as I’m not going anywhere anytime soon)

no reply for 24 days, so much for support …

I now have 1 BAT pending, and its not getting transferred to my wallet

Hello, dear friend! I’m not out of brave support, but I can help you if you read the rules for withdrawing funds to uphold, you would know that the minimum amount of bat tokens for withdrawal is 5 bat tokens. That is, you need to have at least 5 bat of tokens on your balance in order to make a withdrawal :upside_down_face:

hello mate, thank you for your reply, but you seem to have missed the fact that I can’t make a uphold account as they are nationalists who consider my ID invalid as it is in cirilic, I was not talking about the uphold wallet, I was talking about pending BAT tokens on the left side of the rewards screen not being transferred to the right side of the screen as shown on the above screenshots. if you are talking about the same thing then how come I have 0.1 BAT on the right side? I don’t get it

and what happens with my pending BAT once I reinstall brave?

What exactly is the problem you’re encountering? On the 5th of the month, you should see a notification in your Rewards panel, stating that you have a funds to be claimed. You will complete a captcha test, then you will be allowed to claim those funds.

There are no such limits nither in brave rewards nor creators :slightly_smiling_face:

Dear friend, do not question my words. Here’s a link
Read at the very beginning the post of a person from the support of the brave. 1 point makes it clear what I’m talking about, try to bring me an example when a payment of less than 5 bat tokens was made!
What will you tell me now?

Thanks is all I have to say :grinning:
I gotta do some catch up needless to say !

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I am very glad that you read the information :slight_smile:

Why not :smile:
Information is power !
thanks for pointing it out

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Ive been having this problem as well, not receiving my tokens on the payment date. Seriously frustrating

today for the fist time in 6 months I have recieved my BAT payement, and it was 2 BAT :slight_smile:

and today after a reinstall of my system, and a attempt of recovery of my 2.2 BAT with the wallet recovery key, 0 BAT was recovered to my account and 2.2BAT was permanently lost

thats exactly what didn’t happen for 6 months until a few days ago, when I finally got the option to claim my Brave rewards, and now after a fresh reinstall of my system, the 2.2 BAT that i earned in 6 months, is completely gone, after recovering my wallet with my sync code, it recovered 0 BAT instead of 2.2

While I can’t speak for your inability to earn/claim rewards in the past, the reason your BAT may have been lost is due to a known issue. We have/will be issuing refunds for users affected by this. Please see the following thread for more information on the issue and how to submit a refund request:

Im having an issue being unable to claim the rewards. I get an error everytime i correctly match the captcha

yes I know i should be getting the captcha on every 5th of the month, but that didn’t happen for me for 4-6 months, and after I made this topic, first time it happened was on 5th february, after which I claimed the rewards, and reinstalled my linux system, installed latest version of brave, recovered my wallet, and my 2.2 BAT was gone, eg went missing