Didn't recieve my April Rewards

Hi, I didn’t receive my April Ads Rewards in my android dispositive (version 10). I cannot verificate the account either, 'cause I’m under 2 BATs.
However, I did recieve the March Rewards.
It’s often delay the payout, but never so long.

Thank for your help! :heart:

Hi @matibass, you should still be able to verify your account on Android. Please confirm that you’re on the latest Brave version. Thanks!

This “minimum 2BAT” message is either misleading or deprecated.

Just move forward to Continue to login in case you have a verified Uphold account.

Hi i didn’t receive my April rewards in my laptop(using Ubuntu) and its 31 May today what’s the delay?

kind Regards

Hi, thank you. I’m running version 1.38.119.
My Uphold wallet get disconnected since I moved all my founds to other wallet on February. Since then I cannot reconnect it.
However I did receive my march rewards, but not april ones.

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