Didn't received payment

I still don’t received payment to my uphold account. Everything is verified and good to go. Since March 2020, my payment progress always says was locked status from removing your 2FA.


Please DM email. Thanks!

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Hi! I already message you

pls check ib. thank you

What is IB? Where do i find it? Sorry I’m new in here

Hello! Still waiting for your response. I really need help.

I’m not seeing a DM @fritzkeesh02, I’ll send you one

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I want to know when I will receive payment for June @steeven

No received payout for this month

Hi @santafe - payment from ads or referrals?

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payment for intro @steeven

Can you answer my question above? thanks @steeven

Me alsl i dong receive payment in my uphold accoung, referrals

Hi @santafe - is intro ‘referrals’? If so, June publishers payment’s will begin processing soon.

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Hi steeven I have not received payment for 2 consecutive months I am talking about payment for the ads received
I sent you several private messages

Thank you for answering my questions, I hope the payment will be resolved today @steeven

I didn’t receive my payment , i dm you already , help me please

Dear Brave teams,

I became a publisher 2 months ago. In April and May, i transfered and introduced my referrals link to many people so as to invite them to use Brave. I participate in forums and mostly in groups on facebook. I post content about brave and support a lot of people in installing brave as well as how to become a brave publisher and introduce their refferal link to relatives. Two months have passed and today is the time I wait for my commission but receive notice that my account is under review. I did not understand what was the cause because I worked so hard for 2 months, the number of referrals was not too much, not a towering and suspicious number. I also believe that I do not use any form of cheating. The number of BAT I have received is only approximately 500BAT in progress and 800BAT in total. This is not a large number but it is the effort I have spent so I hope the support team will review and give me a proper answer for this problem and support me for receiving rewards.
Thank you so much for reading, have a nice day !

2 months did not pay. and eventually they locked out my account. very disappointed with the way they work. I also lost money and time for 2 months to work, and finally what I got was a (s c am). @steeven

Hi @steeven , I have not received any payment from ads. I did contribute 5 BAT. For now i have stopped Brave rewards