Didn't Received My Referral Payout

Yes i m Verified By Uphold and everything is Properly Connected I checked everything thoroughly still oct 5-10th payment i didnt received which was confirmed in September!
Same happened with my friends everything was fine with their Account too. And now it shows next month payout.

What could be the reason ?? is there any bug? or problem with my friend’s account he connected 2 publisher.

Please specify the problem as i can confirm no issues from my side…

Post a screenshot
Could be easier to determine
Payouts happen 8th of every month

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Here the confirmed bat was added around September 20 so according to that i should receive in 8-10th of oct but instead the day crossed and next date came for me which is November 8th

@Asad @eljuno @steeven help here please

@ani05 just want to make sure, did you have BTC card on your Uphold account? Can you try change the deposit currency to BAT and see if it’s works in the next payout? You can manually exchange from BAT to BTC inside Uphold.

i changed it after October payout days Crossed!
btw why its showing not available? as i can see BTC card for that Publisher account is created successfully

@Asad @steeven @eljuno please help

@eljuno @steeven @Asad please check as i can see i didn’t received this time also and please check its a request

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