Didn't received my February Brave payouts

I haven’t received my Brave Payout of February 2022 .

@rupeshmaurya35 please check Still no payout? read this before posting

i had send dm to mattches 10 days ago, but did not got any reply yet.

@rupeshmaurya35 If that’s the case, we can just do a friendly little tag, such as how I’ll tag @Mattches here and when he gets back, hopefully he’ll notice and check messages. Let’s face it, they get a lot and try as they might to respond to all and keep track, they are only human in the end. Just make sure you did indeed get it sent, included the information they needed, and double check that he hasn’t responded and you missed it. (Assuming all of that is good, but I only say it because has been times when people received responses but didn’t realize it)

I have responded to your DM.

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