Didnt received my brave rewards from 3 months ago

Hi i would like to know why im not receiving my bats?

Please take a look.

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Processing . . . January Brave Ads Payout Status

Also, I would suggest you to delete your last screenshot as it’s contain personal information (wallet id). 🤷

The January update status was just recently, however I am having trouble getting my reward since last year and I’m wonding why my uphold doesn’t receive bat like last time i received it.

@steeven Hi please help me, my rewards doesnt reflect in my uphold account.

@KurtEMC please DM your wallet ID. Thanks!

Same for me! and no respons from brave or @steeven after seending my wallet info etc

Hi @krspa, your DM did not include any of the information requested. Please see my latest response and I can help to take a look. Thanks!

@steeven already dm’ed you please check thanks :slight_smile:

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