Didn't Received BAT since 4 Months

I didn’t receive bat tokens since January . The last payment done was in December and after that I didn’t got the BAT tokens in my Uphold account that I have earned in that month.
I have written about this concern many times but no action has been taken.
Please help me in getting those token below are the screenshots of my details.
Auto-contribute is also off.

The same message was displayed every month but it never got credited as it happen in this month.

Can someone from the team look into this matter?

You should go submit the form in the link below especially since this has been an ongoing issue for 4 months. Before you submit the form, just make sure you are updated to the latest Brave version (currently 1.37.116, your picture shows version 1.37.111) and your OS is updated also (I am on the same OS version as you but a higher build, you may need an update) and then make sure nothing has changed. Might also want to clear history/cache, exit Brave , and reopen if you do have to update.

Submit a request form

Submitted the request form

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@Chocoholic When can i expect i reply from your side?

@Harsh700 I’m not a Brave employee. Just another community member who tries to help others. Community support staff usually ask users with similar issues as yours to submit the request form. I just passed along that information. I can’t tell you how long it will take but I do know there is no set time.

It is still the weekend in the USA and support staff usually do not work weekends. If you have a reference number you could resubmit the form referencing that number and ask for an update. You could also DM the moderators tomorrow and ask if they could check on the status. This may or may not work.

Unfortunately, users usually don’t get follow-ups from Brave support. Users have no idea where their issues are in the process. You usually won’t get any contact unless they need additional information. I do think they send out an email if your issue is resolved.

And yes, I agree, if you are thinking this is the wackiest support system you have ever seen! :wink: I do think they are trying to make changes but for now, it is what it is. Sorry.

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