Didn't received 8 September BAT Reward to my Unfold wallet

Hi guys,

In August I received my BAT Reward. But 8 September I did not received BAT reward in my Unfold wallet. More people have the same issue ? And what to do to get the BAT reward ?

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Same here and for one of my friends

I received from my smartphone, laptop but not from my main computer.

When i watch september history it is told me 0 advertissement 0 bat for september but i had more than 2 bat on my browser of my main computer waiting



I saw on previous post of community .brave.com that “Only your first four devices will ever be able to contribute to your Uphold wallet.”

Actually, i have only 3 devices.

Thx u

me cagaron un bat a mi loco media Patagonia me compraba con ese token encima no doy propina ni contribuciones nose de que me lo sacaron fue la afip de 2 me quedo uno alta bronca

It took a couple of days last month. Be patient, it’ll get there.

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@BattleMetalChris OK thx u bro

Okay thanlks cheers.

@andyakareach @J2ff Check the progress over here: Monthly Ads Payout Status Update

Hi guys I just received my monthly rewards in my unfold wallet :wink:

I didnt get to! Ges it’s again bug on the server. This is really anoying!!!