Didn't receive the BAT tipped by my friends on my verified youtube channel

One of my friend sent me tip of more than 16 BAT 3-4 days ago to my tenhash youtube channel but I didn’t receive anything. He has been sending me BAT for last few months but I didn’t receive anything. My another friend send me more than 80 BAT few days ago and I didn’t receive that too. All BAT were sent as tip on my verified youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Tenhash.

Please look into this issue as I have already lost tonnes of BAT.

Where were you checking? Did you check your publisher account!?

Yes, I checked publisher account.

his wallet was verified? sometimes non connected uphold accounts reflect payments until the end of the month. Or well that´s what admins say.

ambrocioisaias2808, his wallet is not verified. I think tipping from unverified account could be the issue. I will check at the end of month if I get the tipped BAT.

No, got tips from unverified wallet last month for me!