Didn't receive my payment this time

Hello and good night!
I believe there might be a bug due to the fact that I haven’t received any payment in my publisher account, it was supposed to be deposited yesterday, however, it appears that next payment must be claimed on June 8th.

I strongly hope you all to understand and I assure that you’ll be able to fix this error!

Thank you so much, Juan Diego.

@juandoa yesterday payout is for contribution that you received from 1st-31th of previous month. Contribution that you received after that period will be paid next month.

Also, make sure you connect your verified Uphold account.

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Yo recibi dinero del 1 al 31 del mes anterior y hoy no me fue pagado que PASA

Confirm my references from May 1 to May 31 and today I have not paid my effort for UpHold. I want to know what’s happening, I want them to pay me.