Didn't receive my june payout

hello , i didn’t receive my june payout ,

i know that more people than me have that problem

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I have the same problem.

yeah but moderators will not help us …

On June 6, I had an option to receive rewards (around 12 Bat). When I tried to claim them, the wallet showed some error and then my rewards balance became 0. Is there some way to raise this issue and get them into my wallet? It’s very discouraging when you see that the BAT disappear in this way. Sort of dampens the spirit and you don’t feel like clicking on the ads anymore!

Now, I don’t really need these bat tokens, but I love donating them as and when I receive them to content creators. I’d planned to donate them to a particular site this time, but now I can’t! :frowning:

Two of my uphold linked wallets didnt work and one of my wifes. That’s 3 out 6 , half didnt work. It’s been 6 days now and the only response from bat team is I will look into. The support element of this venture definitely needs looking at.

Neither did I. I was expecting roughly 20-30 BAT and I didn’t get any of it. :frowning:

Yes, some error occurred while redeeming the tokens. 12 BAT lost! :rage: :rage:

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