Didnt receive my BATs with a Gemini verified wallet

Hey. Patience has not paid…
The header of the forum says:
“Verified Gemini wallets : Payments Completed.”

Yet nothing has shown in my primary Germini verified wallet nor the Brave wallet.

The worst is that in the summary section, my cummulative is down to zero. It just disappeared around december first.

I had accumulated ~2 BATs for the november period which was my first month entering the Brave Rewards program and during which I signed up and verified a Gemini account.

Anyone can check wether I will receive my earnings or if I lost it?


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Same here. I cannot see any BAT in my Gemini account.


Same here. No BATs received on my Gemini account. If I only knew that you have to make a screenshot before the funds where transferred to Gemini… The BATs acquired in November are nowhere to be seen anymore…
As a response I quit the creator program because I do not want to promote a product that is clearly not ready yet and fails to meet expectations.

To quote Kevin O’Leary:

I’m out!

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