Didn't receive Brave Reward for May 2021?

Me too, it’s unusual , I haven’t received my BAT into wallet @steeven

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Calm boys the payments still in progress, i recived mine today in one of my two profiles so lets keep the patience, when the payments has completed and didnt recive yours, you have to DM steveen


Still waiting for it to come

any updates in status?

No I also did’nt get any payout of may

I also did not see claim button as well.

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Nothing so far for me.

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Same problem I also did not see claim button as well.

did anyone notice they are giving 0.0025 bat per ad instead of 0.005 bat per ad

They’re giving .0002 and .0003 for ads

Still waiting for may payment @steeven

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It’s the 9th and I haven’t recieved my brave rewards, and I haven’t been prompted to claim them. Are they still in process? Thank you, Deanna

Ayudaaa. No he recibido mi pago @steeven soy de Venezuela y lo necesito.

nope…i thought brave rewards would credited on 5th May and creators on 8th May. Both didn’t get credited yet. Pending status in uphold is 0. Today is 10th.

Hey peeps. I just wanna say, I have a verified account, and I started getting the bat. Not all at once but its coming in portion. I got my 2 bats (0.8 bats yesterday and 1.015 today). but others are on the way I guess. If any other have also got bats. Please at least write it here. so other peoples don’t get worried. I am also attaching the screenshot here. If you wanna look.


Not all at once but its coming in portion

Oh, that’s what was happening. Today I received 2 payments but they were less than what I have. I was wondering why the remaining BATs didn’t come through. Thanks, I’ll wait then. :crossed_fingers:

That is because of the price increase of bat price. They give bats of 70% portion. But as bat price increase. So they give less.

Wait payment is processing I received mine.

i think processing will start from monday as weekends are holiday in united states.

What about unverified like I use brave on smart phone and its impossible to make 25 BAT to verify ,so as I’m a small creater , I tip that 1- 2 BAT to me