Didn't receive any BAT anymore and Brave Ads doesn't work at all

I installed Brave 3 months ago and the first time I thought Brave reward works correctly. I first received my first 30 BAT 2 months ago. And up to this point, I haven’t received anything at all. Brave Ads is enabled but I never see any ads. Plus, when the first time I received 30 BAT and sent it. The person who received it just saw 27.55 BAT. Why?

Currently, my location in Vietnam.

@namvdo Thanks for reaching out! Currently, ads are supported for 5 countries (US, Canada, UK, France and Germany). Ads are not supported for your region Vietnam.

@Asad Could you please assist user on the Rewards issue?


There is a 5% processing fee for tips and contributions – this is likely why they didn’t get the full amount.

I mean do I need to send money through to receive BAT. My first free 30 BAT and also the last?