Didn't receive 5 BAT Reward for creating a new Gemini wallet (SOLVED)

I didn’t receive my 5 BAT free for creating a new Gemini account/wallet. I already connected it with Brave Rewards

same here @Nicolascoviello i have also connected a new verifed gemini account to my uphold account even though i did not get 5 BATs yet!!!

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It says " ¹Offer only available to new verified Gemini customers. BAT will be deposited into new Gemini accounts within thirty days of user reaching [basic verification tier]" on their site.

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Could u share a screenshot where is it written??

Same to me… dont get the reward

When you click on this link you go to Gemini page that tells you that:

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Yea even I didn’t receive my 5 free BAT’s, and it’s been about 5 days I had registered a fresh account on Gemini and linked it with Brave

Okay, 15 days left then. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I got my BAT for the first time TODAY (as uphold bug was resolved) and I’m new to Gemini. So I’ll receive 5 BATs within 15 days (15 days old on Gemini) or 30 days?

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I did create a new gemini account and verified as well but still I didn’t get my reward.

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still waiting on my reward. I did everything new account, and Im about 10-15 days in waiting now–but it says up to 30 days so fingers crossed it works

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