Didn't get the rewards plus they are decreasing

So, about 10 days ago i posted cause i didn’t get the rewards on may 5th like i was supposed to. I didnt get any reply, plus now the rewards i cannot claim are drecreasing every day. Can anyone help me?


Estou com mesmo problema, bat conserva mesmo valor, mas o valor em usd está reduzindo cada vez que acesso o brave

Same issue for me. went up to 2.98 BAT and it’s been reducing down every day since. Currently down to 1.65 BAT

same thing happening today

Sponsored images still do not count.

Será que está acontecendo?

Tenho outro celular que uso brave tinha 9.250 bat e 10.98 usd .e agora reduziu para 6.93 usd que está acontecendo.?

Já tem alguma posição do suporte sobre a questão, está reduzindo drasticamente os usd

I am also facing the same issue.
Thinking to switch back to google

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Eu tb ,estou desanimada já, suporte fraco

Has anyone got an answer from @steeven or the support team? It seems to be a wider issue

no reply from anyone from brave team.
Yesterday midnight I started getting rewards again but now another issue has come that I receive rewards only from notification ads and not from the ads on homepage.
I am also facing same issue on my android device.

I have a feeling that all this issues for users are actually features for brave team.
This actually makes me feel to switch back to google atleast they don’t tell white lies.


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