Didn't get the claim rewards button today

Hello, i’m from Argentina, i’m new with Brave browser, I’ve been using Brave and today I was waiting to see the rewards in my uphold wallet (I have an account) but that never happened and the payment day changed to jun 5. Am I missing something?

Hello greetings you must still wait I understand that the payments are finished processing tomorrow night.

Hola saludos aun debes esperar tengo entendido que los pagos se terminan de procesar mañana en la noche.

Thank you! I’m too new at Brave browser and also in the forum, it’s really great to know you’ll have an answer so quickly! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome to the community :grin: :grin:

If you not get yours by tommorow, feel free to add your +1 to this thread May 2020 Ads Payout Megathread

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